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PhD student Sophia Mair wins prestigious DOC fellowship  – a strong boost for her scientific career. Currently she is conducting her VASCage research in Canada.

VASCage PhD student Sophia Mair is awarded a Doctoral Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (DOC) that now further supports her research for the next two years. In her research, she is looking for new ways to treat calcifying aortic valve disease. More specifically, she wants to find the trigger that causes heart valve cells to turn into bone-forming cells. This inflammatory process leads to calcification of the aortic valves and, without surgical treatment, eventually to death. Sophia Mair’s research is supervised by Dr Can Gollmann-Tepeköylü and Prof Johannes Holfeld at the Medical University of Innsbruck. Read More

VASCage project ACTpatient: Mild stroke – difficult life afterwards

Surprising results are delivered by a scientific pilot project, which was carried out by stroke patients themselves: What the medical classification only defines as a “light” stroke is perceived by many patients as a quite severe limitation in their daily life.

As part of the VASCage research project ACTpatient, stroke patients and their relatives designed questionnaires on the topics of aftercare and clinical research. They then provided these to 75 other patients. These were people who had suffered a stroke a year ago and whose condition was assessed as good, i.e. only slightly limited, according to the usual medical classification. The results of the survey are now available. They show that many of those affected and their families feel a heavy burden. Read More

Impressions from ESOC – VASCage was present with sessions, talks and posters. Lancet Neurology paper announced

European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC) is Europe’s leading forum, and indeed a leading forum worldwide, for advances in research and clinical care of patients with cerebrovascular diseases. It took place in Munic from 24 May to 26 May and was a great success. VASCage researchers presented their newest results and were excited to get in contact with leading stroke experts. We were especially proud on VAScage scientist Annemieke ter Telgte who contributed to a Lancet Neurolgy paper on neuroimating standards for research into small vessel disease. The publication was officially announced during ESOC!


Important VASCage publication in Lancet Group journal EBioMedicine on pulse wave velocity measurement as cardiovascular risk predictor

Arterial stiffening is paramount to vascular ageing and is associated with atherosclerosis, vascular calcification and inflammation. A worldwide team around Raimund Pechlaner from Medical University Innsbruck, the Third Xiangya Hospital, Stefan Kiechl and Sophia Kiechl from VASCage determined new reference values for pulse wave velocity measurement (PWV) as cardiovascular risk predictor. Measurements of brachial-ankle or carotid-femoral PWV (baPWV or cfPWV) in 509,743 generally healthy participants from 34 countries were included. The study provides global and regional age- and sex-dependent distributions and reference values of baPWV and cfPWV, which may aid increased clinical use of PWV as a measure of vascular ageing, predictor of hypertensive end-organ damage, cardiovascular disease, and death.


“Momentum is the hallmark of VASCage“
We celebrated the start of the next funding period

The quote of Prof. Tilmann Märk, former rector of the University of Innsbruck, very well characterised the spirit of our recent event „VASCage moves on“. We celebrated the start of our second funding period with our scientific and company partners and stakeholders in the life science sector. As a representative of Tyrol Landesrätin Dr. Cornelia Hagele emphasised that in the face of demographic change VASCage research on improving the healthy life span is enourmously important.
Our keynote speaker Prof. Wilfried Lang told the impressive success story of stroke in Austria and highlighted the necessity of clinical trials. This is exactly where VASCage is focusing with its growing Clinical Trials division. Read More

VASCage member of Cluster Life Sciences Tyrol

VASCage GmbH is now member of the Cluster Life Sciences Tyrol and makes use of the network to facilitate cooperation. 74 highly innovative companies, institutions and universities employing more than 23,000 people make use of the Cluster Life Sciences Tyrol. Cluster Manager Petra Stöckl: ‘We are very proud to welcome with VASCage an internationally recognised COMET centre in our network!‘

VASCage at International Research and Knowledge Exchange Meeting

Prevention of vascular ageing and stroke by early health intervention is an important research goal of VASCage. The international meeting „Addressing today’s Global Health Paradox“ in Innsbruck, initiated by Dr. Katharina Wirnitzer, University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, and Prof. Madan Thangavelu, Cambridge, UK, was a great opportunity for exchange, especially on the topics of nutrition, physical activity and targeted excercise. Read More

VASCage on air

Tina Winkler of Radio U1 Tirol conducted a radio interview with VASCage CSO Stefan Kiechl. Kiechl speaks about the general goals of VASCage, the risk factors for vascular ageing and stroke and about innovative rehabilitation projects. Read More