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You are only as old as your arteries

Public Health

Life expectancy is rising continuously. Unfortunately, the extension of healthspan cannot keep pace with this rapid development. The forecasted burden of age-related morbidity and disability will pose major challenges to the public and health systems. With our ambitious prevention programs and ample knowledge transfer we are strongly committed to improve public health.

Scientific research

Devastating vascular diseases such as stroke are still main contributors to morbidity and health care costs. The absolute number of strokes worldwide is still on the rise. While coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction are well within the mainstream of clinical research, stroke is not. VASCage is filling in this gap. It combines both experimental and epidemiological efforts and is embedded in a multidisciplinary vascular ageing environment.

Cooperation with industry

VASCage develops innovative products, therapies and technologies and implements them into routine patient care. We have assembled a strong team of experienced academic partners and research-oriented companies with complementary expertise in the fields of vascular medicine. Our focus is on technological advances and clinical translation hand in hand with our company partners.

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