VASCage science outreach: Series of high school workshops on artificial intelligence in medicine and vascular research

VASCage regularly engages in activities to promote public awareness and understanding of science, especially for high school students and their teachers. Together with the Tyrolean science outreach association ‚klasse!forschung‘ VASCage initiated a workshop series inspiring young people to develop an interest in research.

Junior researcher Nadja Gruber is mathematician and specialist for stroke image segmentation at VASCage. During the pandemic she has given several virtual workshops on artificial intelligence in medicine and how it can improve vascular medicine and stroke diagnosis. Now with the incidence rates low, it was finally possible for her to lecture in presence. High school students of the Reithmann Gymnasium in Innsbruck learned how computers can be trained to predict illnesses – and how they can help to prevent them. And the students lively discussed the implications of artificial intelligence for future applications.